How I Eased My Baby’s Colic

Willow Update

I hope by writing this I can help an exhausted Mom and an over tired baby who is in pain and no one knows why. 

Around two months old my daughter [Willow] would scream the most huridence and saddening cry that I had ever heard. I think the hardest part about it all was that there was nothing I could do about (so I thought). 

This time was hard on everyone espesially me! I had cut certian items out of my diet, given up coffee, was worried about my milk supply, I was tired, my head hurt, but even more so my heart hurt, it hurt that I couldn’t help my baby, that anything I had done to help her was not helping. I am her mother it is my job to protect her and clearly she was in pain.

Her pain was summed up to be “colic” which basically means, your baby is crying and we have know idea why! “Great- Thanks!” Feeling helpless I wrote up a blog post explaining my struggles because I didn’t know what to do and I felt alone I felt like no one talked about colic- was it just my baby? Was I doing something wrong? Am I going to be judged? I am so thankful I wrote that post, I was given advice that has changed my baby.

Photo by Trina Carey

A friend of mind recommended we try a PROBIOTIC so I did. I went to the store the next day and got a PROBIOTIC but it can’t just be any PROBIOTIC it has to be the brand BioGaia [CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE]

Willow is such an amazing baby(she always has beed) but since starting her on the Probiotic she only ever cries if she is hungry, tired, or pooped.She sleeps great and is always smiling when awake.The results of the probiotic were fast and effective.

I can’t guarantee this will work for everyone but if your baby has colic I recommended trying a probiotic.  

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