My Day

“How the heck do you do it?”

This question is a question I get asked daily, multiple times so I thought I would share with you my day-to-day the best I can. How I do it, I don’t know how, I never really thought much about it I just do it. #NIKE

I guess when I think about it, my life is pretty scheduled. Not that it was something I planned, but I could probably blame my “OCD” (yes I have OCD I’ll talk more about that in a different post).

My Daily Schedule:

7-8am- Wake Up
8am-12pm- Breakfast, Get Ready,Tidy House, Running Around, Lunch Time, Girls nap
12-3pm- Clean house, Edit, Blog, Answer Emails
3-5pm- HECTIC! 
5-6pm- Dinner, Get cleaned up
630-8pm Photoshoots or Getting things done around the house, Girls baths bed time
845pm- Gym
1030pm- answering more emails and Editing
1130-12am Get settled for bed (shower).

Obviously this is a super rough draft of my day and doesn’t account for all other things – like diaper changs, feedings, everything I do while the girls are awake like taking them to parks going for walks or just playing around the house.

OK! so seeing this typed out I understand why so many people ask how I do it. I don’t sit down and relax ever I am working my butt off and pushing my self instead of relaxing when I should be. The reason I am doing all this is because I know it won’t be like this forever; success isn’t easy or a hand out.

My babies are my first priority and that is why I don’t relax, I would rather spend my days playing with my girls and taking them out. I would rather spend all the time I can with them rather than send them off to day-care or hire a nanny. (I have looked into those options) not saying I will never do that but right now I don’t feel I need to. So for now I work every second I get while the girls are sleeping.

During photo shoots I am either baby wearing Willow, the girls are at the location walking around or playing at a nearby park with Wes or only a few min away in case they need me. All my clients are aware of this and are extremely understanding.

To answer “How I do it all” is not something I really can and I honestly don’t think I am doing it all I think I am doing what I can and make it work.