Top 5 Must Have Essential Nonessential Baby Items.

If you watch our IGTV channel you will have seen our video on this. If you are just a blog reader here is the list for you in no particular order.

  • Snuggle Me Organic.

We LOVE our snuggle me organic. It is perfect to place baby in if you need to put her down for a few minutes. I co sleep (if you don’t co sleep or agree with it that is great that is your choice) it makes co sleeping so much nicer I still feel like I have my own space in bed and Willow has hers plus she feels “snuggled” in it and I find that helps her sleep more settled. Not only is it an amazing product in general but it is also super stylish and comes with many different cover. My favourites are the white and earth tones. If you are a first time Mom or 10th time Mom I recommended you invest in the “snuggle me organic.”

Snuggle Me


  • Nested Bean

I recommend Nested Bean everything… swadles, Sleep suits, PJ’s, Onesies. Basically if Nested Bean makes it you probably need it. If you’re not a first time Mom im sure you’ve had your baby unsettle and re settle just by placing your hand on their chest. Nested Bean 100% keeps baby settled and asleep longer. I understand sleep crutches can be controversial and I really don’t get it especially if you are a Mom (that’s basically mom shaming). As much as I would love to hold my hand on my babies chest all night to make sure she stays settled I simply can’t I need sleep too. I don’t see the difference whether its my hand or the Nested Bean product helping keep my baby calmer. The only difference is I get more sleep and my baby gets more sleep making for better days, a happier Mama and a happier baby sooo- in the end we both benefit. If you are a Mom and want more sleep I recommend getting your self a Nested Bean

Nested Bean


  • Baby Wearing Gear. 

Babies love to be close to there Mamas all the time so baby wearing can make life so much easier. I recomnded a wrap (Beach front baby and Milk Snob are great) I also recomnded a baby carrier like Tula. If you want some hands free time I will link some of our favourite baby wearing shops.

Beach Front,  Milk Snob and Tula

  • Nature Bond

If you are a breastfeeding Mom the Nature Bond pump is a must have! I have collected such a big freezer stash of my breast milk and I only used an electric pump once. I have so much I will be donating my milk.  The Nature Bond pump goes on the opposite breast you are feeding from and collects your let down so a drop isn’t wasted. Nature Bond aslo makes other amazing prodcuts such as super sylish breast pads and froozen fruit teethers.

Nature Bond