Photography Journey

My love for photography started as far back as high school (why is that now far back) I would steal my dads old digital camera and take it to school and parties with me. I have no idea what kind of camera it was but it was fancy to me at the time. I would use some basic Kodak program and “Picnik” to edit my photos! #throwbackthursday. They were honestly terrible photos “but hey” the passion was there the fire inside me had been lit.

When I met Wes in 2014 he had a similar base camera that my Dad had and I would take it out with my beautiful friend Brenna and go take pictures with her. We would take pictures of each other, go on hikes and just take pictures of really anything it was fun for us and something to do.

In 2016 I was gifted a canon rebel t6 for Christmas and that’s when things slowly started happening. I took pictures of anyone who was willing to get in front of my camera.

My first ever boudoir shoot in 2016.

This has always been a motto of mine: Attempt the impossible in order to improve your work.” – Bette Davis

Now aint that the truth.

To say I am happy is such an understatement. I am living my best life I have never felt more fulfilled. I have two absolutely perfect girls, a beautiful home and have found the man I will be spending the rest of my life with. On top of all that amazing stuff I get to live out my passion.. Honestly some days my life feels like a dream. Some days  its hectic, hard and exhausting but I wouldn’t have it any other way. This is all that I have ever wanted.

To watch myself and my photography grow has been incredible. I like to think of myself as more of an artist than anything. My style may not be for everyone and some people may not even have a taste for it and that’s totally ok. I have stopped comparing my work to other and comparing it to my self I am watching me grow and doing what I like. I have learnt you can’t take on every client because that person may not be looking for your “art” but someone elses. I have become friends with many local photographers so I can pass shoots off to them if they are a better fit we are all so unique.

I do believe that anyone can pick up a camera and call themselves photographer being a photographer is the easy part. Its tha passion and vision that will make you successful. The hard work and the dedication to your business. If you only find your self being inspired from the work of others or copying what you see on pinterest every time (trust me I find inpo on pinterest and from other all the time don’t get me wrong it’s about making it your own) you aren’t going to grow. Remember that picture of the dandelion I posed that one picture has inspired so many of my shoots. That’s how my creative mind works.


Hear me out. I am not sitting here typing this with the mind-set I am some great photographer because I’m not. But I mean I think im doing great from where I started and if im only getting better I think im going to do all right.

First 2 are my first mother daughter shoot and the last two are my most recent.

Left is my first boudoir photo shoot Right is a recent boudoir shoot.


Left my first ever cake smash I was so proud of it. Right my most recent cake smash.

Left one of my first family shoots. Right one of my most recent family shoots.

Portraits The left was one of my first photo shoots I was serious about. Alysha was amazing to work with. The right is what really helped direct my photography and get me to where I am today.


I could go on forever with this…

Just remember if you don’t start somewhere there is no way for you to ever get better. That right there is what is now helping me with health and fitness journey seeing these results has given me so much motivation in life.

In one year I am going to come back to this and do it again.

❥ Chelsea



(yesterday I directed and edited my first ever photo shoot where I was in front of the camera instead of behind it.)