Breastfeeding is such a beautiful thing and amazing for your baby– but you know what else is even better than that a happy baby, a healthy baby, a baby who is loved so much by their mother and a baby with a full belly.

Beautiful fed babies.

I started a project regarding the “fed is best movement.” As a Mom who formula bottle fed one child and currently breastfeeding another I know just how judged you will be with either decision you make.

I felt more judged when I was formula feeding. Most people I meet think I chose to formula feed out of convenience or laziness. “OH MY GOSH!” are they wrong. What’s easy about making a bottle while your baby is already fussy, I would spend my evenings washing and prepping bottles for the next day instead of spending some extra time snuggling with my babe.

Another miss consumption that really hurt me with formula feeding is that it is an easy decision. Because it is mentally and emotionally draining to come to the realization that breastfeeding isn’t going to work for you. There is nothing selfish about it at all. To have to accept your body and self can’t do something we are literally made to do is an emotional roller coasted and quit depressing.

I am thankful each day that formula is an option if it wasn’t many babies would starve and possibly not survive.

Formula fed. Down for that. Beat myself up huge when I couldn’t breastfeed and still see images that are hurtful. You don’t know everyone’s story! 🙂


Now I think we can all agree that breastfeeding has so many benefits that formula doesn’t and it even has extra bonding time and I am so thankful I had all the support I did the second time around to meet all my breastfeeding goal.

Although breastfeeding has proven to be more convenient it is emotionally and physically draining all on its own. Feeding in public is another hurdle I still need to get over especially having a baby that will NOT eat covered.

There is no easy way out for any mother, mother hood is the hardest journey life has to offer. We need to end Mom-shaming and just be there for each other. Every Mom has their own struggles this not a time to judge but a time to support each other as one.


Have you ever seen a the way a Mom looks at her baby? Like nothing else in the world matters for such a short moment.

That love is the love we should be focusing on. That love is the purest, it see no wrong and has no judgement.


Whether your are formula feeding or breastfeeding we are all Moms trying to make it through each day while giving all our love away.

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Thank you to all the Mamas who made this project possible for me.