My Birth Story

My birth story with Willow is an incredible one if someone asked me to describe it using one word I would say peaceful.


I thought my labour and delivery with Addison was easy what I experienced with Willow changed my opinion of that.

On June 14th 2018 I had a doctor appointment I was 0% effaced and 0cm dilated– things changed fast.

On the morning of June 15th 2018 Wes came into our room to see how I was before he left for work I didn’t know I was in labour but like with Addison I had a gut feeling I may have been. I didn’t want to ask him to stay home from work because I had thought I was in labour once before and he had already missed a day of work from that but something told me I should go get checked, I called labour and delivery they told me to come down if nothing was happening when we got there Wes decided he would go to work then, we waited for Addison to wake up, got everyone cleaned up and headed down to the hospital.

When we arrived to the hospital around 9am they couldn’t do much but monitor baby because I was unsure if my water had broken we waited for my doctor to arrive to do the test to see if I was leaking amniotic fluid.. I wasn’t. I was 31/2 cm dilated it seemed like thing were moving fast. I was sent to labour at home my contractions started getting a lot closer together and because we lived so far from the hospital we decided to head back around noon. When we got back I was only 41/2 cm dilated it seemed things had stalled and I thought I was going to labour for days and I was sent back home. Once we got home I slept for a couple of hours my contractions were getting even closer together so this time we headed to my doctor’s office I was over 5cm dilated and thinning fast and sent to the hospital .

We arrived at the hospital around 5pm I called my sister and Mom to come down to the hospital. I was walking around the room, bouncing on the ball, getting my hair braided it just felt like we were all hanging out waiting for Willows appearance with contractions mixed in. I either have easy labours or handle it really well because I was way over 6cm and nobody thought to check me to see if I was progressing.

When then nurse checked me I was dilated at 7cm and decided to get the epidural and have my doctor come down and break my water. The epidural was the worst part of my entire labour experience worse than the contractions it took the anesthesiologist forever to get it right. I was not impressed and that was the only point in my labour I made any rude comment “How many of these have you done?” I don’t know much about epidurals but it didn’t take an hour to get it right with Addison so it was not what I was used to but maybe lots of blood, asking were I feel it and over any hour of jabbing a needle in my back is the usual… anyways im getting a little carried away I am still bitter over it.

My doctor came to the hospital around 9pm and broke my water instantly things sped up and I was 9cm dilated with in half  an hour around 10pm my doctor was called back up because my body was pushing. Trying to resist the urge to push is such a hard thing but I was so scared to swell up again like I did with Addison. I had such amazing support to help me breath though the urge.  In the delivery room there was Wes, my Mom, Sister and her best friend Brooke. (I don’t mind having people in the room for my labour and delivery I find it to be such a beautiful part of life that I am ok with sharing it with people it’s truly incredible and my body is not just a body).

My body getting ready to push.

I started pushing sometime around 10:15pm and at 10:22pm Willow Anne Rivett was born. Before I started pushing we made guess’s how long I would push for my guess was a lot more then 7min. Things got a little scary for a second Willow had pooped while I was pushing and some got in her mouth so that motivated me to push as hard as I could. Thankfully she was fine and born completely healthy at 9pounds 5ounces and 19 inches long. My baby looked so tiny when she was placed on my chest but she was almost the size of some babies at one month.

Willow Anne 9pounds 5ounces, 22 inches.

Willow was placed on my chest right away and latched right on to my breast she has been a natural breastfeeder ever since and I could not be happier because my breast-feeding journey with Addison was cut so short.

I got a 2nd degree tear and a few stitches. We were moved into our and stayed in the hospital for about 36hours because she was so late Friday night we had to wait until Monday morning for Willow to get her bilirubin test done. It done come back that she was a little jaundice but the nurse did not feel considered because of how well she was eating and she had an acquaint number of wet diapers and we were discharged. We went back to the lab 24hours later to get the bilirubin test for Willow redone and it came back perfect.

Our first latch

I have the most incredible friend and family who have been there to support me during my pregnancy and not postpartum. My Doctor is so incredible and such an advocate for his patients, The nurse I had the recovery room is seriously how all nurses should inspire to be so was just AMAZING.

Overall my birth experience with Willow was peaceful, it was nice and calm and I just left hospital feeling great about my experience and how everything went. I am very lucky to have such “easy” labours because I know that isn’t the case for most people.

Healing went great and I am feeling amazing and back to my old self. Two under Two is hectic but it flows I try to keep everything as organized as I can.