The Advice I Wish I had Before

During pregnancy and even after you’re bombarded with different parenting advice from different people; from complete strangers, people in “mom groups”, family and friends.. I have learnt NOW to take all that with a grain of salt!

So here is the advice I am giving my self this time.



Every single child (baby) is not the same! One thing that may have worked for another may not work for yours. Trust your gut do what feel right your motherly instinct is stronger than you know. At the end of the day if your baby is happy, healthy, loved and fed you are doing more than enough.



“GIRL, Get off the internet”. Stop asking is that normal? Google doesn’t know your baby Mom groups don’t know your baby and honestly all that will just make you paranoid. If you are really that concerned call the local health line or your doctor cause 99% of the time that is “normal” but concern is also “normal”.



The last thing I would tell myself is to “slow down”. Stop rushing each milestone. Sit back and relax the time they are so little goes by in the blink of an eye. Embrace the chaos, fold the laundry later, live more, enjoy each moment like it’s the last time because eventually it will be. Those sleepless nights won’t last forever your baby won’t want to be held forever— cherish it a little longer.