There Is No Pregnancy Like Your First

First Pregnancy VS. Second.

When I was pregnant with Addison someone once told me “enjoy every second of your first pregnancy— you will never have another pregnancy like your first.”

Were they ever right!

This pregnancy is so different then my first in just about every way and to be honest I think I may be enjoying my second pregnancy a little more.

Lets rewind to 30 weeks pregnant with Addison a typical day would start with me waking between 10-11am after being up ALL NIGHT binge watching Netflix. I wouldn’t say I did too much during the day I relaxed maybe went to the grocery store, cleaned up the house a bit, took a nap I would check over the nursery to make sure I was “prepared” for her arrival and add things to my “need to get” list. I was most defiantly prepared with stuff and we had the cutest nursery waiting.

I relaxed, I did nothing and I put myself first.

27 weeks pregnant with Addison.

Fast forward to present time 30 week pregnant with my second little lady a typical day start around 6:30am or when ever Addison decides. My life is so scheduled I grab Addison change her diaper, get her breakfast ready. I try to get myself cleaned up and throw a load of laundry on while Addie eats, once she is finished I spend the rest of my morning cleaning and playing with Addie. Just like that its 11am and its time to get Addie settled for a nap. I take full advantage of that 2-3 hour gap in the day and just completely relax and sneak in some sleep. Once she is up she has lunch I get out of my PJs’ that I spend all morning in, I have a quick bite to eat, I get Addison cleaned up and we head out to do our errands or prep dinner.

5 o’clock rolls around quick and Wes is home we have dinner as a family, clean up and go for a walk and here we are at the end of the day time to get shower and baths done. Addie’s bed time routine begins and the day has come to an end. Wes and I spend a couple of hours at night relaxing, watching a show or playing a game. That is about as much alone time we get together in a day so finding time for our selves and each other can be a struggle some days.

I am not close to being prepared for baby. Her nursery is still being built I have boxes of her clothes I still need to wash with nowhere to put them! I am not really stressing like I did with my first pregnancy. With Addison I needed everything ready by 25 weeks— I am not to sure why.

I have gone into this pregnancy with a lot less time on my hands.

I have so much more energy and my days are more full. I get to see the beautiful reward at the end of pregnancy as a daily reminder of what is to come. I am preparing for her in completely different ways then I had before. I am researching postpartum healing, breastfeeding and latching I do light exercises I am preparing my body this time something I wish I did during my last pregnancy but I was miss informed last pregnancy I thought labour was the only hard part and for me that was the easiest.

It is true “There is No Pregnancy Like Your First”.

Each pregnancy is so different, wonderful and hard in it’s own ways. If I could pass any pregnancy advice on to someone who is a first time mom or pregnant with baby number 10 or anywhere in between it would be to enjoy this time embrace your body it’s growing a miracle.

27 week belly pregnancy #2