The Title “Addison and My Grace”

I have received so much positive feed back through Instagram direct messages since launching my blog—  more than I had anticipated.

I have always had so much to say and share I thought a blog would be such a great way to investment my free time and I appreciate ALL the support.

Creating a blog has not been anything short of work. When I committed to this new hobby I wanted to make sure it was going to be successful for myself. It was very important to me that I found an outlet from motherhood something I could do while my babies are sleeping and this is perfect not only do I get to create from home, incorporate photography and design but I get to share my experiences.   I have lists upon lists of ideas I’d like to share or talk about— any idea that pops into my head I am writing it down.

“Addison and My Grace”

So many nights after Addison was in bed Wes and I spent just talking about what the heck I was going to call this blog.

One of my most received message about the blog is “OMG! are you naming your next baby Grace?” the answer is simple “No I am not.” although the name Grace is absolutely beautiful it just isn’t the one we have chosen. If you follow me on Instagram you know we have decided on a name for baby girl so I am not surprised this question is being asked.

“So why Grace?” It  just spoke to me this blog is about me keeping my grace and composure – moving with poise and power while trying to keep it all together “(good luck to me!)”.  “Graceful” is also one of the definitions of sweet baby girls name. It just fit like a glove so I went with it.

I hope this helped anwser some questions.

❥ Chelsea

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